Video – Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Social at the Waldorf Astoria Orlando

Ice Cream Social Waldorf OrlandoDo you believe in magic?  Watch the most magical ice cream created right in front of your eyes.  Thanks to a bit of science and plenty of liquid nitrogen (which is more than 300 degrees below zero).

The Enchanted Evenings Weird Science Ice Cream Social is a part of the Waldorf Astoria Orlando’s summer promotion and takes place every Friday from 6:30 – 8:30 pm in the Waldorf Astoria Lobby.

Choose from either chocolate or vanilla.  The ice cream is served in coconut shells and comes with your choice of toppings…sprinkles, caramel corn, fresh fruit or chocolate pearls.  You can also choose to finish it off with either chocolate or raspberry sauce.  One serving will set you back $5.

This ice cream is no joke.  It’s rich and creamy and has the consistency of a gelato.  Not for the faint of heart…this stuff is rich!   I like my ice cream rock solid.  This ice cream was a little more loose than soft serve, but the experience is something we will never forget.


Ice Cream Social Waldorf Orlando

Ice Cream Social Waldorf Orlando

Ice Cream Social Waldorf Orlando

A world unto its own, Waldorf Astoria Orlando (14200 Bonnet Creek Resort Lane, Orlando FL 32821), nestled in the heart of over 482 pristine acres in Bonnet Creek, at Walt Disney World is a crown jewel unlike any other.  For more information check out

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